After Sales

After sales services of our products are extremely important to us as a complement our product offering.


"Knowledge is our advantage, service our strength"

If something is wrong with your lift you can always call Cibes for support. Cibes Lift and our global network of partners have many years of experience. Our high level of reliability means a lot to our customers.

We always recommend you to sign a service contract for your lift. A service contract will guarantee the best maintenance and function of your lift. Depending on where you live, you can sign a service contract directly with Cibes Lift or with one of our local partners.

When you sign a service contract with Cibes Lift, you will receive regular service visits of qualified lift engineers who will test all essential lift functions, lubricate the parts and perform a safety check. If you sign a service contract with Cibes, you also get discounted rates on other repairs. Please contact Cibes Lift for more information .


If your lift unexpectedly fails, please contact your local Cibes office or partner. All our offices and partners have access to Cibes Technical Support Center. Our experienced technicians will try to find the cause of the failure over the phone. If the failure cannot be resolved by a telephone assistance, a technician will be scheduled to clear the issue.

Battery lowering function
In case of power outage you can always drive the lift directly to a lower floor thanks to our battery lowering device. As soon as the lift reaches the lower stop, the door will open auto¬matically and you can leave the lift safely without third party assistance.