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Liability regarding Cibes Lift Creator

The Cibes Lift Creator generates images to be used for demonstration purposes only. The images should never be used for construction/building purposes, nor feasibility studies. Please contact your closest Cibes office or Cibes dealer for all questions regarding construction, installation and feasibility. The information found in the Cibes Lift Creator is updated periodically. Cibes Lift Group AB disclaims any liability for the accuracy and exactitude of the information provided by the Cibes Lift Creator. The lift configurations created by this tool provide no explicit nor implied assurance of saleability, nor of suitability for a specific project or use.  


Copyright 2017 Cibes Lift Group AB, all rights reserved. The content, including pictures and the design of the Cibes Lift Creator are subject to copyright protection and other laws for the protection of intellectual property. No dissemination or alteration of the content of these images or of the content are permitted. Moreover, these contents may not be copied, disseminated, modified or made available to third parties for commercial purposes without permission from Cibes Lift Group AB.


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