Goods lifts made in Sweden

In many public and commercial buildings, there is one lift dedicated to passengers and another lift dedicated to goods. Both lifts are essential to the daily activities of the building. But what if one lift could do both? The Cibes A8000 Goods Lift can. The Cibes A8000 Goods Lift is designed and certified for both goods and passenger transport. 

Goods lifts at a reasonable price

Cibes goods lifts are always delivered with a prefabricated lift shaft and only require minimal structural adaptation. This makes the installation fast, easy and cost-efficient. Believe or not, but your goods lift can be installed within 4-5 days, which will keep the price down. This makes Cibes goods lifts an excellent alternative to conventional lifts at a great price.

A8000 Goods Lift - Goods Lifts

A8000 Goods Lift

Platform lift, rated load 1000 kg

The Cibes A8000 Goods Lift is our largest and most powerful platform lift model. Strong enough to lift 1000 kg, this large platform lift is certified for transportation of both goods and passengers.

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