The Cibes Lift Styler

Download our app “Cibes Lift Styler” and you can place a lift where ever you want in your home. Thanks to augmented reality technology you can walk around the lift and see how it could look from any angle, change colour, try different flooring, and you can even open the door to step inside. Today the app is available in App Store for apple users with iOS 11 installed on their device.

How to use Cibes Lift Styler

How to use it

To use it, simply scan the floor of a room with your iPhone, aim for where you want to place your lift and start selecting colours and other options.

Share your Lift ideas

Share your ideas

After creating your own lift, you can post your idea to anyone that might like to see how your ideas look. This can also be sent to us for a quotation.

Cibes lift AR app try before you buy

Try before you buy

With the Cibes Lift Styler app you can design your lift in the comfort of your own home and create a true “try before you buy” experience.



Design your home lift

Wouldn’t it be great if you could design your own home lift and see it in your home? Well now you can. Click to see the movie.



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