Cibes creates the lifts of the future

CiCon is the new, upgraded control system for our lifts. CiCon is a LIN bus based control system of the same type as the ones used in modern cars. LIN bus technology is not new, but the application on screw-driven lifts is quite revolutionary. This makes CiCon true lift innovation from the inside-out.




Lift innovation from the inside-out

LIN bus technology is flexible and capable of handling very complex functions. CiCon opens many new development possibilities and several projects have already started:

  • Optimized drive
  • Silent operation
  • IoT features
  • Design features



Higher lift standard

Frequency converter with soft start & stop and CiLow battery emergency lowering with battery surveillance become standard for all lift models with CiCon.

  • Soft start & stop 
  • Battery emergency lowering
  • Higher standard & comfort



Sustainable lifts

The efficient wiring solutions and the smart LED technology used in CiCon reduce environmental impact and power consumption.

  • 60% less cables needed
  • Energy-efficient LED technology
  • Energy-efficient light settings



Customized lift functions

CiCon makes it easy to customize your lift settings. Lights, door locks, door opening time, anything you want, can be programmed by our technicians via the CiDis display. 

  • Scroll
  • Select
  • Validate



Secure lifts

CiCon is a very secure, SIL3 certifed control system. This means that your lift is protected against electronic interference from surrounding wireless devi-ces. SIL3 is the highest safety integrity level applied in the business.

  • SIL3 = Safety Integrity Level 3
  • High protection against electronic interference
  • The  highest safety integrity level applied in the business