Cibes Eco-Lift

Cibes Lift takes environmental responsibility and promotes sustainable development. Cibes Eco-Lift is a concept which incorporates our main environmental advantages.

  • Cibes lifts are recyclable to 95%
  • All chemicals used for manufacturing our lifts comply with the requirements of REACH
  • Cibes environmental policy takes the full life cycle into account, from manufacturing to recycling
  • Cibes lifts are available as BIM objects, which gives you better control over the total life cycle costs

Cibes Energy Calculator enables you to estimate the energy consumption of our different lift models.
Lifts from Cibes Lift meet the requirements of BREEAM, one of the world's largest environmental certification systems for sustainable building. 


Calculate the energy efficiency of Cibes lifts

Cibes Energy Calculator enables you to estimate the energy consumption of our different lift models. The calculator takes your specific lift configuration and frequency of use into account. 

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Benefit your BREEAM score

Depending on your national building regulations, our lifts will either add up to 2 credits to your BREEAM score, or be considered as environmentally neutral to your score.

Either way, choosing a lift from Cibes is good for your BREEAM score!

This is how our lifts meet the energy requirements:

  • The lift goes into standby mode after a preset time
  • Our lifts can be equipped with frequency converter
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
  • Lights turn off automatically after a preset time
  • Automatic door locks reduce energy consumption

Cibes lifts as BIM objects

Cibes lifts are available as BIM objects (Building Information Modeling), which facilitates the workflow of your building projects and improves control over total life cycle costs and energy consumption.

The advantages of Cibes and BIM:

  • Fast and easy integration of Cibes lifts in complex building projects
  • BIM makes it possible to adapt the lift configuration to the project at hand
  • Fast and easy with just a few mouse clicks!

 Cibes BIM objects


Environmental Policy

Cibes Lift Group is a leader in terms of environmental measures in our industrial segment. The Environmental Policy of Cibes Lift Group is characterized by efficient use of resources, holistic thinking, technical development and continuous improvement. Our approach provides us with a competitive edge and contributes to a sustainable development. 



Efficient use of resources

Our consideration for the total life cycle of our products and services makes it easier for us to:

  • Minimize the use of energy and raw materials.
  • Minimize waste, industrial residue and faciltate recycling.


Holistic thinking

Our measures to reduce environmental impact include:

  • Consideration of the total life cycle of our products.
  • Taking a leading position in environmental responsibility, with Swedish national rules and legislation as minimum requirement.
  • Internal actions to prevent a negative impact on the environment.
  • Encouraging our suppliers to adopt the principles of our Environmental Policy.


Technical development

Technical development has to meet our high standards for sustainability:

  • We make continuous efforts to reduce the environmental impact on our activities, in terms of use of energy, waste, emission, noise etc.
  • We work to reduce the use of environmentally hazardous materials.
  • We try to recommend and use transport solutions with a small carbon footprint.


Continuous improvement

Our environmental measures are integrated in all parts of our activities and are continuously improved through:

  • Clearly formulated goals, communication and continuous evaluation.
  • A strong commitment from all employees.