New lift colours for our Premium Collection

Our new Premium colours offer you a rich variety of shades, finishes and textures. 

*Colours available only for lift models A4000, A5000, A8000  and A6000S.

Colour name


Colour code


 Amethyst 2 - NEW*

Amethyst 2

 AE03213111220  Matte, fine texture, metallic GU 5 ±
 Quartz 2 - NEW* Quartz 2   AE03411122920  Matte, fine texture, metallic GU 5 ±
 Azurite 4 - NEW*  Azurite 4  AE03215113920  Matte, fine texture, metallic GU 5 ±
 January 4 - NEW* January 4   AE03217049420  Matte, fine texture, metallic GU 5 ±
 White Pearl BD - NEW* White Pearl BD  AE30109207221  Smooth, matte, pearl effect
 Vanilla White Mineral, Quartz 1*  AE03411122820  Textured, matte
 Anodic Bronze*    AE20108000320  Anodic, extra matte
 Anodic Gold *    AE20111000820  Anodic, extra matte
 Roman Bronze -NEW*  Roman Bronze  PMB-4811  Semi-gloss, metallic, GU 36-70
  Roman Gold - NEW* Roman Gold  UMB-1638  Satin, metallic, GU 20-35
 Silver Texture - NEW*  Silver Texture  PTB-6461  Very sparkly silver texture
 Charcoal Texture - NEW* Charcoal Texture  PTB-7109  Satin, fine texture, GU 0-5

 Matte Jet Black

 RAL 9005

 GU 5, very low gloss

Any RAL colour

 Your choice!

 GU 70, high gloss



New colours for call buttons

Brown RAL 8002 and black RAL 9017 are now available for the call button cover plates. The two new colours are available for cover plates without key tag/key lock and can be ordered on special request. 

Call buttons

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