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Cibes passenger lifts provides accessibility for everyone, everywhere. If you are looking for a residential lift or an elevator suitable for a commercial or public environment, look no further. Cibes Lift offers you a wide range of lift solutions that will save you a lot of money, time and space.

Passenger lifts for every building

Regardless of the type of project at hand, Cibes passenger lifts will adapt to the specific requirements of your building and application. Let Cibes guide you to the right passenger lift for your building.

A5000 Platform Lift - Passenger Lifts

A5000 Platform Lift

Platform lift, rated load 400-500 kg

The platform lift Cibes A5000 is a space saving and smart alternative to conventional lifts. The Cibes A5000 is a ready-made lift product that comes in 8 different platform sizes to suit all kinds of projects and needs.

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A5000 Outdoor Lift - Passenger Lifts

A5000 Outdoor Lift

Platform lift, rated load 400-500 kg

The outdoor version of the Cibes A5000 platform lift exists in 2 platform sizes: 1000 x 1467 and 1100 x 1467 mm. The lift is delivered with a corrosion protected bottom frame, extra strong fixing brackets, an inclined roof, door canopies and IP55 classified buttons. 

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A4000 Home Lift - Passenger Lifts

A4000 Home Lift

Platform lift, rated load 300 kg

The Cibes A4000 Home Lift fits in the most narrow stairwell or corner. The home lift is delivered completely ready-made and runs with standard household electricity. This makes the installation of your Cibes A4000 Home Lift fast and easy.

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A8000 Passenger Lift - Passenger Lifts

A8000 Passenger Lift

Platform lift, rated load 1000 kg

The Cibes A8000 Stretcher Lift is our most powerful platform lift. Strong enough to lift 1000 kg, this large platform lift can take stretchers, hospital beds, heavy goods or large groups of people.

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B385 Open Platform Lift - Passenger Lifts

B385 Open Platform Lift

Open platform lift, rated load 385 kg 

The open platform lift Cibes B385 comes in 3 sizes and has a travel height of max 3 metres. This is a robust and durable platform lift, which can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

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Cibes SwingOn - Passenger Lifts

Cibes SwingOn

Unique folding stairlift, rated load 300 kg

The Cibes SwingOn is a unique lift, perfect for low level differences in busy city streets. Unlike traditional ramps and stairlifts, the Cibes SwingOn does not block street circulation, thanks to its unique capacity to lift, turn and fold up against the wall. 

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A6000 Cabin Basic - Passenger Lifts

A6000 Cabin Basic

Cabin lift for site-built shafts, rated load 400 kg

The Cibes A6000 is an elegant and fully equipped cabin lift, designed to be fitted into an existing or site-built lift shaft. The space-efficient construction and low floor recess of the Cibes A6000 makes it fast and easy to install.

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A6000S Cabin Classic - Passenger Lifts

A6000S Cabin Classic

Cabin lift with ready-made shaft, rated load 400 kg

This lift is the perfect fusion between a platform lift and a cabin lift. The Cibes A6000S has a low pit and headroom and is delivered with a ready-made shaft, just like a platform lift. The cabin is fully enclosed and comes with automatic, one-touch controls.

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A9000 Cabin Lift Deluxe - Passenger Lifts

A9000 Cabin Lift Deluxe

Cabin lift with ready-made shaft, rated load 630 kg

The Cibes A9000 is a luxurious, ready-made cabin lift, which is delivered with everything you need for installation, including the lift shaft. The luxurious design and high level of comfort makes the Cibes A9000 a perfect alternative to conventional lifts.

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