Cabin lifts made in Sweden

Cibes screw-driven cabin lifts have the same look and feel as conventional lifts, but our cabin lifts are different, because they are so fast and easy to install. Cibes cabin lifts have minimal structural impact on the building and require very little construction work. We offer you the choice between cabin lifts with prefabricated or on-site-built lift shaft for maximum flexibility. 

Cabin lifts for all price levels

Thanks to the smart, prefabricated construction, Cibes cabin lifts are just as suitable for new buildings as for existing buildings. Cibes cabin lifts are a very cost-efficient alternative to conventional lifts for private, public and commercial buildings. Regardless of your budget, Cibes Lift will be able to offer you a cabin lift in your price range.

A6000 Cabin Basic - Cabin Lifts

A6000 Cabin Basic

Cabin lift for site-built shafts, rated load 400 kg

The Cibes A6000 is an elegant and fully equipped cabin lift, designed to be fitted into an existing or site-built lift shaft. The space-efficient construction and low floor recess of the Cibes A6000 makes it fast and easy to install.

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A6000S Cabin Classic - Cabin Lifts

A6000S Cabin Classic

Cabin lift with ready-made shaft, rated load 400 kg

This lift is the perfect fusion between a platform lift and a cabin lift. The Cibes A6000S has a low pit and headroom and is delivered with a ready-made shaft, just like a platform lift. The cabin is fully enclosed and comes with automatic, one-touch controls.

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A9000 Cabin Lift Deluxe - Cabin Lifts

A9000 Cabin Lift Deluxe

Cabin lift with ready-made shaft, rated load 630 kg

The Cibes A9000 is a luxurious, ready-made cabin lift, which is delivered with everything you need for installation, including the lift shaft. The luxurious design and high level of comfort makes the Cibes A9000 a perfect alternative to conventional lifts.

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