Outdoor Lift Cibes A5000

Cibes A5000 Outdoor lift with a rated load 400-500 kg

The Cibes A5000 Outdoor Lift is equipped to resist to most weather conditions. The platform lift is delivered with a ready-made lift shaft in steel or glass and requires neither separate machine room, nor lift pit. This makes the installation of Cibes A5000 Outdoor Lift fast and easy.

Cibes A5000 Outdoors

Outdoor lifts at affordable prices

The price of your outdoor lift will vary with your choice of configuration and lift options, but the price you pay will always be a lot lower than the price of a conventional lift. Find out more about the key features and options of the Outdoor Lift Cibes A5000 below.

Key features of Outdoor Lift Cibes A5000

Cibes A5000 Outdoors Render

You get a complete lift

The platform lift is delivered with everything you need, including doors and a ready-made lift shaft in steel or glass.

Fast installation

Fast and easy installation

Cibes platform lifts can be installed in 2-3 days and require very little building work, compared to conventional lifts. 


Safe and easy to use

Cibes platform lifts meet the requirements of European Safety Standards and are so safe and easy to operate that even a child can use them.

Plug and Play

Plug & Play

Cibes platform lifts are all plug & play. Choose the power supply that suits you and plug the lift into the wall. It really is that simple.  

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Quick connectors for easy installation 

Quick connectors make the electrical installation of all lifts fom Cibes fast and easy. Very little adaptation is necessary, most electrics are plug & play.

Power supply options

Thanks to the frequency converter, the lift starts and stops smoothly. This feature provides a high level of comfort during travel.

  • 3 x 400 VAC, 50 Hz, 16 A, 5 x 2,5 mm² power supply with soft start/stop (frequency converter) 
  • 3 x 230 VAC, 60 Hz, 16 A, 5 x 2,5 mm² power supply with soft start/stop (frequency converter) 
  • 1 x 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 16 A, 3 x 2,5 mm² power supply with soft start/stop (frequency converter) 

Cibes A5000 Outdoors takes up minimal space

Great choice of lift sizes

The Cibes A5000 Outdoor Lift comes in 2 different sizes, designed to have a small footprint and a maximum of space inside.

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Platform sizes & cut-out sizes (w x d, mm)

Platform size Cut-out size*
1000 x 1467 1400 x 1630
1100 x 1467 1500 x 1630

*The cut-out size may vary depending on lift configuration and the conditions on the site of installation.


Quiet and smooth

Quiet and smooth operation

The screw-driven system of Cibes platform lifts is smooth and quiet thanks to our unique construction and automatic lubrification system.

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Robust and ingeniously simple

A lift screw, lifting nut and safety nut is all you need. The drive system runs with an electrical motor and is equipped with an automatic lubrification system. Ingeniously simple and extremely robust.

Options for Outdoor Lift Cibes A5000

Outdoor Inclined Roof

Inclined roof

The outdoor lift is protected against rain and snow by an inclined roof. 

Door Canopy

Door canopies

Weather exposed doors need to be protected with door canopies. 

Fixing bracket

Reinforced fixings

The reinforced fixing brackets make sure that your lift is securely attached to the building. 


Frost guard

The frost guard protects the motor and other components from the cold. 

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Temperature span

The Cibes A5000 Outdoor Lift can operate in temperatures from - 10 degrees up to +40 degrees Celsius.

Nota bene: The temperature span mentioned above refers to the real temperatures inside the lift, not to the temperature of the surroundings.


Lift shaft with panoramic glazing

The lift shaft can be delivered in full glass, including the machinery side. A fully glazed shaft leads the light into your building.

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Panoramic glazing

For most manufacturers it is impossible to glaze all sides of the lift shaft but Cibes Lift can make it happen!

Glass options

Glass in many different shades

The glass of the lift shaft and doors can be delivered in many different shades. Choose between clear or tinted glass. 

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Cibes A5000 RAL Colours

Lift in any RAL colour

Go for one of the elegant colours of our collection, any RAL colour you want or our timeles standard finish.

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Cibes A5000 Floor options

Style your floor

Cibes Lift offers you the choice between many different styles and colours for your floor. 

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Cibes A5000 Door Types

Pick your door model

The doors make the first impression of your lift. Cibes Lift provides a great choice of door models. 

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 Door Placement

Access configurations

Cibes platform lifts can be accessed from 3 sides and have up to 3 doors per level. 

Cibes Door accessories

Door accessories

Accessorize your doors for comfort or for style. Find out more about our different options. 

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Concealed automatic door opener

The Cido door opener is concealed inside the door frame – completely invisible! The Cido opener is an electric door opener, which is easy to install, program and adjust. Available for: Steel doors  A20/A10, steel gates A25/A15 and aluminium door AL4.


Externally fitted automatic door opener

The externally fitted door opener by FAAC is extremely robust and has an elegant contemporary design. The FAAC door opener is an electric door opener, which is easy to install, program and adjust. Available for: Fire rated doors EI60 and EI60G.

Door open holder 

When activated, the door open holders keep the doors of the lift open. This is a very practical feature, especially when you are moving goods or furniture. Available for: Steel doors A20 and A10.

Kick plates for the doors

The kick plates in stainless steel will protect the lift doors from dents and scratches.

Ceiling LED lights

Ceiling and lighting

Cibes Lift provides several kinds of shaft ceilings, with or without light fixtures.  

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Level Indicator

Floor and direction of travel

Cibes Lift offers several kinds of audiovisual aids to indicate floor level and direction of travel.

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Level indicators

Level indicators display floor level and direction of travel. Level indicators can be placed on the platform control panel and doors.

Voice announcement

A human voice lets you know that you have reached your floor and that the door will open. Recorded messages are available in most languages.

Arrival signal

The arrival signal lets you know that you have arrived by the soft sound of a bell.

Communication systems

Communication systems 

The communication systems for our lifts can adapt to suit the needs of most buildings. 

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Classic telephone

This is a classic, analogue telephone, which is connected to the existing phone line of the building. The phone line opens when the lift alarm is activated. The classic telephone is delivered as standard for lifts sold within the EU.

Handsfree autodialler

The Safeline MX2 is a built-in communication system with autodialler. The telephone can be programmed with up to 4 phone numbers that are automatically dialled when the alarm button is pushed. Available as analogue or with GSM (2G SIM cards only).


The Intercom Aiphone is connected to a master station somewhere in the building, typically to a reception desk. The line opens when the lift alarm is activated and it works just like a talkie-walkie, e.g. you push the button to talk to the master station.

Voice Announcer

Voice announcer

A human voice lets you know that you have reached your destination and that the door will open.    

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Voice announcement

A human voice lets you know that you have reached your floor and that the door will open. Recorded messages are available in most languages. The loudspeaker system is discreet and provides messages of great sound quality.


Various locking systems

If you want to limit the access to your platform lift, we can help you find the perfect locking solution. 

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Floor access

Floor access

To block the access to certain floors, just ask for a TAG reader on the platform. We program it for you.

Emergency battery lowering

Safe evacuation

Cibes Lift offers several reliable solutions for emergency lowering in case of power failure or fire alarm. 

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Battery emergency lowering

The battery emergency lowering allows you to automatically lower and evacuate the lift in case of power failure. The emergency lowering is operated from the inside of the lift. For safety reasons, it is always possible to lower the lift from the outside as well.

Fire drive (connected to the fire alarm)

If the fire alarm is activated, the fire drive will automatically send the lift to the preset landing of your choice so that you can evacuate the lift. The fire drive is an important safety feature for all buildings equipped with a fire alarm system.

High Back

Platform options

The high back, with a stylish mirror and light, makes the platform feel more like a cabin. 

More options

Fold-down seat

Travel with our lifts in comfort. The fold- down seat is a practical and flexible solution. Available for platform sies 1000x1467 and 1100x1467 mm.

Raised edges on platform

The platform can be delivered with raised edges on 1 or 2 sides. The raised edges prevent damage on shaft walls from pallet trucks, shopping trolleys etc.

Cibes A5000 takes up minimal space

Finishing touches

Cover plates for the underside of the platform and lift pit, as well as finishing profiles can make a big difference.

Platform Controls

Lift controls

Cibes Lift offers you many options to adapt the controls of your lift to your suit your needs.

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Technical Information 

A5000 Technical Information

Cibes A5000 Technical Overview

Installation  Outdoors
Rated load 400 or 500 kg
Rated Speed (m/sec) Max 0,15 (9 m/min)
Travel height Up to 13 m
Min.headroom at top landing 2250 mm 
Pit depth without ramp 50 mm
Platform size (w x d, mm)

1000 x 1467 

1100 x 1467 

Cut-out size (w x d, mm)

1400 x 1630 

1500 x 1630      

Maximum number of stops 6
Travel speed (m/sec) Max 0.15
Standard shaft finish Steel panels RAL 9016
Door configurations Single-entry, open through, adjacent
Landing doors (type) Swing doors
Door clear opening (w x h) 900 x 2000 mm (standard platform)
Gate clear opening (w x h) 900 x 1100 mm (standard platform)
Drive system Screw and nut, with safety nut
Control system Micro computer based system
Power supply

400 VAC 3-phase 50/60 Hz 16 A (standard)

230 VAC 1-phase or 3-phase 50/60 Hz 16 A (option)

Battery emergency lowering Standard
Motor power 2,2  KW
Operation Auto run on landings, hold-to-run on platform
Control panel Hold-to run,easy-to-use tactile buttons, alarm button, emergency stop button and  LED-light
Machine room Integrated 
Temperature (inside the lift) -10 to + 40 degrees Celsius
Certification EN 81-41 & MD 2006 / 42 /EC
Manufactured in Sweden


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Cibes A5000 Drawings

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Cibes A5000 Brochure

Cibes A5000 brochure


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Certifications & Standards 
We can vouch for the safety and quality of our lifts 

All Cibes lift models carry the CE mark and are subjected to extensive testing and quality control before leaving our factory. Our lifts comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and applicable European Standards.

Lifts are delivered with the following documentation:

  • Type certificate
  • Declaration of Conformity (issued upon installation check)