Stairlifts made in Sweden

Most buildings are composed by several levels, a split level here, a few steps there. This makes it hard for wheelchair users to move around freely. Cibes Lift offers stairlift solutions for straight staircases and one completly unique entrance lift that can iron out all obstacles. Cibes stairlift solutions are well adapted to outdoor conditions and are fast and easy to install.

Different stairlifts at different prices

Cibes Lift offers you several stairlift models at different prices. The stairlift Cibes S300 is designed for straight staircases, whereas our unique lift, the Cibes SwingOn, is perfect for entrances guarded by 1-3 steps. Regardless if you need a stairlift for a public or a private setting, Cibes Lift will offer you a great choice of stairlift solutions, and always, at a good price.

Cibes SwingOn - Stairlifts

Cibes SwingOn

Unique folding stairlift, rated load 300 kg

The Cibes SwingOn is a unique lift, perfect for low level differences in busy city streets. Unlike traditional ramps and stairlifts, the Cibes SwingOn does not block street circulation, thanks to its unique capacity to lift, turn and fold up against the wall. 

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